Growing up. Isn’t that an odd thing to think about?

When you’re 8 years old and mad at your parents because they won’t let you go out with your friends - all you wish for is to be a grown up. When you’re 15 stuck in pre-calculus class all you can dream about is becoming famous so you can get a free pass to adulthood and not be in school. When you’re 20 and in college all you want to do is find your husband and your career path so you can have a home of your own. When you’re 25 and on the work grind all you strive for is to climb that corporate ladder and not be the “new hire” anymore.

And then…at what point do you know you’ve grown up? When do you arrive at…adulthood?

For me, now just a few years until 30, I am beginning to understand how growing up is never fully an “arrival” but rather a calm and necessary progression along the road of life. To best express this I have made a silly list of a few sign in my life that have read “Amie, you are growing up” …so here is that list

  • I can tell my body reacts the best to healthy foods. This is an obvious statement but for 25+ years of my life I would have chosen a bag of chips over an apple any day. But then, I realized how my body reacts terribly to dairy, sugar, heavy meats, and a bunch of other crap I had been enjoying. Thus leading me to begin a somewhat vegetarian/vegan lifestyle these last few months and since then…I haven’t missed much. So now I’d take a quinoa bowl with grilled veggies and tofu over an in&out cheeseburger with grilled onions any day of the week. This, I tell myself, if a sure sign of growing up.

  • Continuing on the topic of food…COFFEE. I have officially developed a deadly habit of needing blazing hot black coffee every single morning of my life. I feel incomplete without it. It is dramatic and it is true. No cream. No sugar. Just strong black coffee.

  • When shopping, I now read every tag for the fabric the garment is made out of. Why?? I turned a new leaf and realized I don’t want too much polyester touching my skin and prefer cotton and natural fibers…who am I a 75 year old zen Chinese grandma? Possibly. I also am hyper aware of what I put on my face. I somehow have become obsessed with face cleansers, moisturizers, sun screens…you name it, i’ve googled it.

  • A perfect night out with my girlfriends is a chill yet nice restaurant with at least 4 stars on Yelp, mature waiters who pour you a glass of wine like a professional sommelier, and candles on the table. There has to be candles on the table.

  • I recently felt the sudden urge to buy myself a pair of Manolo Blahniks. 20 year old Amie would have said, “Manolo who? Is that an icecream flavor?” but 27 year old Amie says, “I am a European size 38 and I want a stiletto heal, pointed toe…yep, the one with crystals on it.” WHO HAVE I BECOME??

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen…just a few signs of the time <3