As much as I love Japanese food...there are moments when I just crave something covered in sugar, or salsa, or condensed milk...and my American heart leaps for joy HAHA


1) I was meeting my friends in the city last weekend and had an hour to kill before seeing them and what does my mind randomly jump to for no apparent reason??? CINNABON. 

2) Shaved ice isn't a uniquely American thing, but the size of this one was! HUGE and amazingly delicious with that peach sauce all over it...MAAAAN. I'm convinced small portion size is the reason Japanese people are all so healthy and thin...making it hard to find something here that is actually too big! This shaved ice was a rare, glorious find. 

3) BURGERRRRRRSSSS! My good friend Miri took me to 3rd burger, this cool chain in Tokyo and I got this incredible set meal (Japan is all about having "set meals" for everything). I got the SALSA BURGER which basically is a burger with a bunch of REAL SAlSA on top with cream cheese!!! AHHH and it came with fries and a green smoothie all for 1200yen! hallelujah.


Of course I love Japanese food and it will forever reign supreme on the cultural food tower for me...but there are moments in time when it is necessary to just have a excessively sweet, sugar covered cinnamon roll or a burger drenched in salsa (real salsa).  THANK YOU TOKYO.