A few snaps from our California Christmas morning :) 


I love my parents. 


My brother lives a few blocks away from my parent's house so they often walk over. Camden got a super awesome mustang from "santa" and drove it over first thing in the morning. It was so cute to see him steadily roll down the street shouting proudly, "look! I got a car!" Also gotta love the matching pajamas my mom always gives the kids...and an extra special thing was being there for Tayah's first Christmas.


Hunter is super into basketball now...and got about a hundred NBA cards and couldn't put them down! 


My parents always make an amazing breakfast casserole and my aunt always sends us the BEST croissants to cook up with our meal.  Christmas morning breakfast is forsure the coziest, comfiest, most yummy meal all year!!

Eden loves peanut for her Christmas present, my mom gave her a jar of peanut butter and a special spoon to eat it with hahahaa. 


Hi little Tayah bug! 


Cam's car happened to match uncle Darin's car so of course, they had to take a pic together! 


I love my siblings so much. They're all my best friends and it's so fun to spend time all together. I love talking to Jen about shopping and high end fashion, Russ about silly youtube videos and food, my sissy about all our friends and kiddos, Ant about worship music and sermons, and D about athletes and street wear. I am truly blessed to have grown up with my siblings to always look up to!!


And to end with these cuties- my nieces!! Eden, Tayah, and Lenya. How cute are they!??? 


Praise God for sending His son, Jesus, born in a manger on Christmas day! I love this season, I love my family, and I love the story of Christ!! Hallelujah!!