My grandparents, Ryo and Jean Komae, were married on December 29th, 1946. 

My grandpa, Ryo, passed away just a few days shy of celebrating his 70th wedding anniversary with my grandma. He was 98 years old. 

In a world full of fast-paced social media frenzy, people getting together and breaking up every minute, viral proposal videos, the billion dollar wedding industry, and everyone posting photos proving their love life is worth the is hard to imagine what 70 years of marriage looks, let alone feels like. But my grandparents had it. 70 wonderful, truthful and beautiful years. Three sons, nine grandchildren, nine great grandchildren and a life serving the good Lord together. 

That's pretty incredible, isn't it?

I was able to spend the holidays at home in CA, and during that time I also was able to attend my grandpa's funeral service (The Lord's timing is unbelievable). Hearing eulogies about his life, all the people's lives he touched, I swelled with gratitude for this man I so deeply admire and love. He was a great father, Trojan, pharmacist, husband, grandpa, gardener and a deeply devoted man of God. When I think about my grandpa, I think of his faithfulness in all these things. He had a quality so rare these days, that quality of faithfulness to his work, his family, his love to my grandma...and he did it all without needing to prove it to anyone. He was humble before the Lord and because of that he was a strong, strong man. 

A month ago, I facetimed my parents while they were at the hospital with my grandpa and I was able to talk to him one last time. He told me how he knew I was doing what I loved, and for that he was proud of me. I could hardly talk through my tears...and the last words he spoke to me hit my heart like a rocket - "goodbye, sweetheart" 

I thank my grandparents for showing me what true, faithful, God-honoring love looks like. It is the most beautiful and lovely thing in the world because it exemplifies Christ. I am proud to be called Ryo and Jean Komae's granddaughter, and I will live my days making them proud.