Last weekend my friend Gina came up with a brilliant idea - high tea at the Ritz Carlton Tokyo anyone!?

Actually, Gina had to make reservations quite a few weeks in advance since they get booked pretty quickly around this time of year. 

I am not one to turn down an experience like this... so I pulled out a dress from somewhere in the back of my closet and headed to Tokyo.

The Ritz is located in Roppongi, which is pretty much the Beverly Hills of Japan. The streets are lined with bazillion dollar cars and people wearing fancy shmancy clothes that I always look at and wonder "isn't that a pain to wash?" Anyway, I headed up to the lobby to meet the girls and was greeted by an amazing view and some delicious tea!

COME ON...WHO DOESN'T LOVE TINY EXPENSIVE BEAUTIFUL LOOKING PIECES OF FOOD!? Everything was delicious, especially those tiny scones. There was a man that we dubbed the "jam man" who literally rolled this cart around full of amazing jam and with his white gloves on scooped jam into tiny cups like it was liquid gold. Incredible.

The view was SPECTACULAR and I think it was one of my first real city views form up high. Overall, a great experience having high tea at the Ritz Carlton Tokyo. My two pieces of advice though if anyone wants to check it out... 1) ask for more scones. 2) DO NOT ORDER THE SPARKLING MINERAL WATER IT IS 1000円 AKA $10 A BOTTLE.