Part III! Posting these photos has been taking me longer than I anticipated...mostly due to the fact that since coming back from Hawaii, my schedule has been jam packed! After my cousin Kristi and our good friend Mel came and stayed with me for a few days, the North High School group came and they're here all week until Friday. Wow! It's been a whirlwind and so much has happened...so I'm getting these posts out when I can. For now...here's part III of V ...

Good morning sleepy heads! I love waking up to these kiddos. 

So on our next morning (second full day in Hawaii) my brothers decided to wake up early and go shoot some hoops at a local spot that my brother-in-law's friend, Josh, showed them. I quickly jumped on the chance to join them because bball in hawaii with my bros!?? Cant pass that up! 

We cruised just 5 minutes from our house to this spot, which my brothers quickly dubbed "THE WORST COURT IN THE BEST SPOT" which I had to agree with haha. 

D and I had some fun taking jumping shots. I think it's safe to say my photo of him is wayyyy better than his photo of me HAHA. 

The four of them mostly played while I shot around with my camera because the views were so amazing!! A bball court right near the ocean with palm trees surrounding it and views all around...sick. It was such a fun way to start our morning and I was thankful for time with my brothers doing what we all love. 

After our morning bball sesh, we headed back to the house to meet up with everyone and go on a family hike to MAKAPU'U! 

This hike was so perfect for the kiddos. The road is newly paved perfectly, the incline is gradual, and the views over that deep blue water were just out of this world!!! 

Little camby looking out over the ocean. 

I love this pic! Cam is a little model...you too Jen.

In about 35 minutes we got to the top - Hunter hiked the whole way without being carried haha! The view at the top was too good to be true. 

The boys definitely needed sunglasses...but I'm pretty sure they have enough suncreen on them to last all week.

cute cousins! And nice dads to hold them on their shoulder. 

My sis is due with her 3rd girl in August and it was fun to take a bunch of pics of her bump! She makes pregnancy look easy! 

At the base of the hike there is a MAKAPU'U lookout where we met up with my parents and my auntie, uncle and cousins for this awesome group shot!! This is the whole crew...and it was so fun being on the island with them. My auntie and uncle have lived next door to us (literally next door) for my entire life, and we've been lucky to spend so much time together. Thank you Lord! 

Kac, Kyle, Auntie Julie, Uncle Darin and Kris... love you guys. 

By this point we were all ready to grub...so we hit up diamond head market for the best plate lunches and snacks. My mom said "this is the best charsiu chicken I have ever had" haha! And I got the veggie plate because big grilled veggies like this are hard to come by in Japan! It was bomb. 

Also from diamond head market ...Josh introduced us to the most insane (huge) scones with chunks of cream cheese in them (OMG) and Kac showed us the mochi cake that I could definitely eat every single day. 

And I'll end this part III with this cute face :) Love you Eden!