Today, something miraculous happened. 

Before I left for Japan, my good friend Kimi got me a sweet deal on a Patagonia down jacket to wear in winter. I wear it almost every day in December-February and it's become a necessity for me to survive the cold winter here! 

me wearing my lovely patagonia jacket earlier this year in Odawara city. 

me wearing my lovely patagonia jacket earlier this year in Odawara city. 

On a tragic day last year, the left side pocket of my nice, warm, stylish Patagonia jacket got stuck. And I mean, absolutely-completely-this-aint-moving kind of stuck. It was as if the zipper ate the entire inside of my pocket and all I could do was barely fit two fingers in. This may seem trivial...but when you walk to the bus stop every morning and can only put two cold fingers in your becomes a thing! a very very bad thing!!! So I suffered all winter with this stuck-pocket situation, asking everyone to help me get it unjammed and fitting whatever small item I could in there. I even had plans to take it to the Patagonia store in Tokyo to get it fixed. 

But winter ended last year and I never fixed it. So this fall, when I brought out my jacket again...I was reminded of the tragic reality that my left pocket was jammed. Lord help me.

Then, today, a miracle happened. 

During 5th period, I walked over to the main gym where they were having a seminar. I wore my patagonia jacket because I knew it would be ice-cold in there. Listening to the guest speaker was... in all honestly, boring. Not only was it hard to keep up with her Japanese, but she spoke with the most gentle and calm voice that was hard to not nod off to...which therefore provided me with the perfect environment to tinker with my zipper. My poor, stuck zipper. Thanks to the peace and quiet of the arena and ample time...I decided to tug at it in a way I hadn't before...pulling the fabric up and trying to move it under the zipper. And within 30 seconds...IT UNSTUCK. VVVWOOOOOOP. Just like that. After a year of living my life with this an instant my pocket was back to normal.


I was in complete awe and shock. How was it so easy??? How had I not thought to do that before??

What makes this all the more epic is that today is officially my last day as a 25 year old. Tomorrow I turn 26!! So it felt like a very real metaphor from the Lord that.... much like my pocket: Things that one seemed stuck, impossible, immovable...are NOT! HAHAH. And also...there is always another way to look at a situation, which often times takes a while before realizing.

So on that note, folks, I walk into my 26th year of life with an extra boost of hope, a bit more confidence and assurance in my step... and two very accessible pockets. 

God is good!!