5 years ago, when I was a senior in college, I lived in a house with 8 incredible women! It was the blessing of a lifetime and their friendship has been one of life's greatest joys! One night back in college, a few of us were at the drive in movie theater in Claremont. We were all huddled in the back of Nati's car, with blankets, snacks and a perfect view of the screen. We were so cozy and decided then and there that the comfy, warm, relaxed atmosphere represented us so well and that our friendship created a kind of...nest!  Well, this weekend I am going to be reunited with almost all (missing you Kate and Meg!) of my beautiful nesters for the 6th Nest wedding!! Can you believe that?? 6th!!! 

What a GIFT friendship is. Going to college, I never could have imagined meeting such a solid group of women like this. They're all so individually gifted...we got a marathon running math wiz, a horse back riding researcher, a Colorado admissions counselor, a comedian nurse, and surfing mama, a Resident Director at APU, a Point Loma working non-coffee drinker, a teacher in Japan, and a Chicago bride-to-be!! HAHA....and even though we are all so different, the bond we share is fused together by our common love for the Lord and has given us a sisterhood. Thank you Lord!

So, I'm about to pack up and board a plane to see all these beautiful women of God and celebrate Annekes and Jeremy's wedding....YAY!!!!