SATURDAY IN SEOUL <3 **insert all the HEART EYES!!**

Is there anything more perfect than an entire free day in a city you've never been to before?? nope. 

Miri and I had rough plans...see the famous BUKCHON HANOK village and go stop by this coffee shop i've been dreaming about seeing that has a vending machine as a door!! But besides that, we didn't really have much else planned. We decided to just roll with it and see what could unfold. 


A few cosmetics that I bought on Friday (From Stylenanda and toocoolforshool) and the view from where we were staying. I love city life!! 


So, Miri and I headed to the famous BUKCHON HANOK village and decided we should get breaky on the way. We were a bit hungry so decided to just grab Dunkin Donuts HAHAH. This became even funnier when, later that day, we walked down the same street and realzed there were about 10 other adorable Korean style coffee shops we could have gone to -__- LOL. Buy anyway, it was the fuel we needed on this hot day! 


TA-DA!!!! This is BUKCHON HANOK VILLAGE, a super famous spot in the city that is basically a few hills lined with traditional Korean houses that people still live in today. Obviously it was super touristy and there were even signs up from the neighbors that said stuff like, "please stop coming here! this is our home!!" which made me feel pretty awkward hahaa. But hey, it's a beautiful beautiful place to see in Seoul. Highly recommended. 


The village in smack dab in the middle of all these winding streets with cute shops and cafes. We were in search of a nice cold drink (it was super hot and dry out) and stumbled upon one that looked like a library...


We ordered traditional Korea drinks (I can't remember the name!) but Miri's was fresh ginger soda basically and mine was really fresh lemon and pomegranate soda! So delicious! 

Ok by this time...we were ready for lunch. We decided to find a place that served good BIBIMBAP and gogoled this placed called GOGUNG in Myeondong. It had a bunch of reviews and basically said it was the best BIBIMBAP in all of Seoul so we went to check it out. 


A few things I love about Korea food 

1. It comes out FAST. Like...we sat down and within 35 seconds the server brought out all these side dishes. YES.
2. It's cheap. This meal cost us only about $10 USD (aaaand not to mention they give you free tea!) 
3. It's spicy. I LOVE SPICEEEE!!!! And everything in Korea is spicier than average. UHHHMAZINGGGG.


GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH. This is the standard BIBIMBAP from GOGUNG. A bunch of amazing pickled veggies, hot sauce, ground meat, salty seaweed, and a raw egg atop fluffy rice. I want to eat this every day. 


Ok so after lunch we cruised on over to a different area of town to find this coffee shop I had been dreaming about for a while. I saw a photo of this place on insta and immediately knew I had to come! Does it seem like our whole day was driven by food? haha. 


ZAPANGI!!! Apparently, Zapangi literally translates to "vending machine" in Korea which sounds cool to foreigners but must sound weird if you speak Korean? Anyway...some brilliant human decided to make the front door of this coffee shop look like a pink vending machine that you walk into. GENIUS. 


Upon walking inside, I was immediately in awe of the delicious looking sweets for sale. WHAAAT!!!!! They really know the way to a girls heart. 


I got this strawberry cake in the cutest tin can and Miri got a crazy rainbow latte thing. I almost didn't eat it because it was so aesthetically pleasing!!!! MY GOODNESS. 


Also can we just give a hand to the interior design in this place **clap clap** Whoever these Korean cafe creators are really know what is on trend and what is going to bring in that young, hip, instagram generation. 


Ok so after our little afternoon coffee... we walked around a local market on our way back into the city.


KIM CHEEEEE EVERYTHING!!! WOWOWOWOWW. Side note: I used to be really obsessed with Kim-chee until I realized it was made with fish sauce and other questionable sea items hahaaa (I can see my brothers both rolling their eyes as I type this) 


All kinds of Korean style fried chicken. yummmmmm.


Well, that's part II of my SEOUL post and only half of what we did on Saturday. More to come!!!