After spending the morning in Daikanyama we headed to another long-named-part-of-town, Omotesando. This neighborhood is so cool and may be my favorite. On the mains street you'll find all the suuuper fancy stuff but where I like to go is down the tiny side streets that open up to some of the coolest shops in Japan. 

Hipsters unite! 

WHAT: wandering around Omotesando. 


WHAT: ONITSUKA TIGER. I needed new shoes (only brought one pair of running kicks) and I knew I wanted to buy some onitsuka tigers since the flagship store is in Omotesando. 


WHAT: GOGYO RAMEN. three words: BURNT. MISO. RAMEN. wowowowoww. I found this place on a few blogs and websites...everyone raved about it so I knew I had to try it. This ramen looks crazy and your immediate reaction is to hesitate and ask yourself "wait, can I eat this?" but upon first sip of that black broth I completely understood the hype. It was the most flavorful ramen I've ever had. SO GOOD.


Part III of the-day-we-went-everywhere up next!