Before Emi came, I spent a few days doodling out ideas of all the places we had to check out. There was a long list of coffee shop options, stationary stores, photo spots, and places to get the best snacks in the city. We appropriately dubbed this day our "Tokyo takeover" and I may be bias, but I'd say we could make a pretty good guidebook of how to spend the best day in Tokyo...

First stop--> Omotesando. We picked up these really good fresh juices from konbini (convenience store) and headed to find some food...

BREAKFAST--> DOMINIQUE ANSEL. You've probably all heard of Dominique ansel by now due to the fact that he created the iconic "cronut" out of his NY bakery a few years ago. This is a rich people type of bakery reserved for special occasions haha. The store opened at 10 and there was already a line of people waiting for the fancy shmancy treats. 

DROOLING. The cakes were so pretty I didn't want to touch them...but simultaneously I wanted to eat every single one of them. This day's cronut flavor was orange creme! 

How cute is this artwork? 

THE CRONUT WAS AMAZING. And we got this really good matcha passion fruit cookie...AND...the best of them all...drumroll...

Okay, get this...its basically a giant marshmallow with crunchy chocolate crisp inside covering vanilla icecream. They use a torch and fire it up to taste just like a perfectly roasted melting marshmallow so when you bite into it its warm....and then cold because of the icecream. MIND BLOWN. It cost like $7 and we ate it at 10am but you know what...100% WORTH IT. 

Next, we went shopping around Omotesnado where Emi bought the most ICONIC RED HAT. 

Of course we tackled Takeshita-dori which is just a madhouse of teenagers, cheap clothes, and tourists. We soon slipped down a few side streets and got some good shots of Emi and her hat.

Love these. outfit on point.  

This place is too good to be true. Home to the best and most beautiful sandwiches ever. I knew I had to take Emi here. We arrived in the afternoon, 2pm ish, and there was still a little line outside. We opted for a table on the rooftop which got us a seat faster...and quickly ordered our vegetarian sandwich and bean salad. NOT ONLY IS IT BEAUTIFUL BUT IT IS DELICIOUS. SO SO GOOD.

Then we stopped by t-site Daikanyama where they had a pop up shop of the world's fanciest Kit-Kats hahaa...unbelievable. Only in Japan. 

COFFEE--> SATURDAYS. of course we had to go to my favorite coffe shop in Tokyo, Saturdays Surf. Its hip, clean, has a surfer vibe, great coffee, and the chillest outdoor patio. 


Okay so prior to Emi coming, we had been scheming up a place to stay in Tokyo and were sifting through a few airbnbs. We decided on a place right smack in between Shibuya and Daikanyama station. It was perfect and we screamed like little girls when we opened the doors and saw the view. 

EEEEK!!!! dream. We stayed a night and it was perfect so we didn't have to trek back to Kashiwa after a long day in Tokyo. Plus it was fun to pretend like we lived right smack in the middle of the city! 


Okay, now a few more snaps of the day from my phone..

Our morning juices. yummmm. Made in hong kong lol. 

So hilarious....Emi was matching a girl in Dominique Ansel. literally twins. 

The ladies at the hat store were so cool and so cute!! We wanted to be best friends with them. 

I guess we were so tired at this point that I didn't even take a pic on my big camera of dinner haha but from shibuya we headed to Ebisu to get a nice bowl of ramen. Afrui is always a win. can't go wrong with Yuzu ramen! also I have a funny story...

While at Afrui we saw this giant man walk in and I said to Emi "he looks like Jason mamoa" the famous actor who has all that manly facial hair. I was so tired at this point that I just snapped a photo of him and moved on (the guy in the white shirt). Then, the next day we're watching the olympics and it was showing the womens shot put (how random right?) and they're showing this story of the reigning gold medalist who is from New Zealand and I recognize her because of her brother, NBA player Steven Adams. And then it hits me....THAT WAS STEVEN ADAMS AT AFRURI! lol!!! Literally I was at Afuri ramen in Ebusi Tokyo with Steven Adams. How random is that. 

You gotta admit...they look alike right!?? lol!! 

We ended the day eating icecream in our airbnb and scheming up our plans for the next day. I say that was as close to a perfect day in Tokyo as you can get!