My camera (named Joel, for those of you who don't know...yes I am weird and name inanimate objects) is heavy and often times I prefer to just carry my phone around and take pics. Of course, I love shooting with Joel (yes, named after Joel from Hillsong) but sometimes, when you're in the moment, you only have time to whip out your iphone and capture a moment you don't want to forget.  

Here are a few in the moment shots from Vietnam

Cam is almost 2 (in a few days) and he is still at that stage where carrying him when he sleeps is cute and not painfully I loved holding him like a baby again!

The view from the master bedroom. I gave Hunter some tiny lego toys that you can build into Disney characters...which Kacie and I soon realized may have been a mistake since we spent the first 2 hours of our trip building tiny figures and trying not to lose the pieces in the carpet!


One morning we hiked up this marble mountain shrine...all while it was pouring rain! Hunty loved it though and we got a nice view of DaNang. Good thing the resort gave us GIANT umbrellas to use!

Traveling with kids may be crazy...but it's also really fun. I loved just hanging out in the airport with Hunty and Cam..or going to a new restaurant and trying new food together! Kids are quite adventerous and have a way of keeping things exciting! 

Smoothies on the beach and an amazing breakfast buffet..I was in food paradise! 

Cam was still on California time (even 5 days into the trip!) so on this day he fell asleep down by the beach in his bathing suit...and after holding him for a few hours (R&J were out to get food) I headed back to the house with Kacie to help get cam showered. I ended up sitting in the tub with him because he was still half asleep and the only thing that would put him in a good mood to wake up was being held, and watching Paw Patrol! haha.

Hunty was so happy to get chocolate icecream for a snack! 

The whole crew had new years dinner (buffet) at the resort. They gave us these cute new years hats and fed us some amazing food! Most of the family fell asleep before midnight (Cam was always sleeping!) but I jumped in the pool at 12 to make it memorable haha. 

One night we went to this crazy restaurant where they have all of these live animals in buckets...and you just point to what you want and they cook it up for you. The kids were having the best time picking up the shrimps and different fish (only in Vietnam!) and me, being the non-seafood-consuming person that I am, enjoyed some fried rice and taking pictures of the crazy food being offered up! 

Fresh pizza served up on the beach with this cutie...nothing better!

*tender sister moment...insert mom getting a little emotional* I loved spending this trip with R&J and the boys...we always did stuff together back home (the zoo, costco, farmers market, the mall) so being back with them was so so nice. On my last day we all went to dinner and when I had to get up and leave early to go catch my flight I got super emotional and started crying! Everyone in Jen's family was hugging me and saying bye and.. being my mothers daughter.. the tears just came. In the taxi on the way back Russ was like "I knew you were going to cry! do you not know yourself?" haha. Let's just say it was really nice to be back with family..people who know me the best!