When I lived at home I rarely cooked. Not because I didn't like to; but because my mom's cooking just far surpassed anything I could ever attempt to make. But alas, here I am living solo in my cute little apartment in Japan and I've been faced with a challenge : cook normal *non-frozen* food.

A few benefits of cooking/living alone: 

1. No one is here to judge your cooking except you. So if it comes out tasting like playdoh or the burnt corners of a toast - no shame! There is literally no one here to worry about. This factor has helped my cooking grow exponentially in the last few weeks. 

2. Cooking for one person may seem awkward at first like "how many eggs do I buy? how many ways can I possibly cook tofu" but it also has It's benefits. I can buy a bag of carrots and they will last me all week. I can also spend like $1 on milk and it will last me until next Saturday. brilliant. 

3. Less dishes to clean. amen. 

I call this one: Too-lazy-to-buy-meat-so-cook-every-veggie-in-your-fridge 

I call this one: Nothing-is-better-than-tofu-and-beef

I call this one: Attempt-at-making-inari-age-like-grandma-but-fail 

I call this one: Hipster-breakfast-that-took-15-minutes-to-set-up-and-1-minute-to-consume