One of my favorite sources for all things art/design/photography/Japan is SPOON+TAMAGO and thanks to their good work I stumbled upon this exhibit in Odaiba called HOUSE VISION 2. Basically it is this super rad exhibit where architects and designers partner with big name companies to create model houses and rooms for the future. Yeah, talk about amazing. 

I cruised on over there on a rainy Saturday with Steph and as soon as we turned the corner and saw the entrance our jaws dropped...we had entered JAPANESE ARCHITECTURAL DREAMLAND. *insert heart eyes*

Tickets were around $15... but to me, it was worth every penny. 

There were about 12 model houses to walk around and see. I wanted to live in every single one of them. 

The first house was a colaboration with airbnb, which is a company gaining a lot of popularity in Japan recently. They happened to hit the jack pot and design the most amazing house ever. dang. Apparently, after the exhibit, the house is moving to an actual location and being put up for rent on airbnb. I gotta get on that!

The stairs were somehow hanging from the ceiling. TOO COOL. 


This next house was built to work as a communal living space. It had tiny rooms for an office, a bath, kitchen, bedrooms, and tiny nooks for resting or journaling or just chillin. So basically a glorified adult tree house. ughhhh too good!! 

They had this cute little area where you could order coffee and a snack. 

cool dude in cool overalls

The line for this house was too long so we didn't go in, but the outside was what really mattered anyway! I mean, look at that beauty! brilliant. 

There was a partnership with Tsutaya bookstore...which of course always does the dopest collaborations with designers. This one was a win forsure. 

And whats the best way to end a day you ask? Ichiran ramen of course! We met up with stephs friends in Shibuya for dinner + dessert. 

I love that I get to live so close to Tokyo where there is endless amounts of artistic and design inspiration. Thank you HOUSE VISION 2 for giving me a life supply of house envy!