I spent this past weekend in a city I never imagined ever traveling to…Dallas, Texas.

The purpose of my trip was to visit my best friend, Emiko, who moved out there with her family a few years ago. The last time I saw Emi was over TWO YEARS AGO when she came to visit me in Japan. I blogged about that trip HERE, HERE , HERE and HERE …we had the best time in the city together!!

Needless to say, we were due for another reunion so I booked a flight to Dallas and spent the weekend at her family’s beautiful Texas home eating bbq and catching up on everything life has thrown at us these past few years.

The cool part of my friendship with Emi is that we’ve known each other basically our whole lives…



HAHAHHA amazing right???

Emi and I grew up together wearing matching dresses to church, facing the most awkward teenage years (middle hair part, thin glasses, weird clothing choices -yep), and sending each other two sentence emails like pen pans when she moved to Japan in middle school. We became slightly cooler in high school (only slightly) and I made sure to visit her when she moved to Belgium during our college years. I saw her dorm in London when she was there for music school, and also took time to see her life in Redding when she went there for Bethel Ministry School. We’ve been through every stage of life together…and a friendship like that is priceless. The running joke is…I have to visit Emi in every city she moves to! So Dallas was a must.


BACK IN ACTION!! Trying on pants a Lulu…where Kumi works!


BTW, the flight to DFW from LAX is a breeze.


First morning breaky…Cinnamon roll sfrom CINNAHOLIC! I know these look like blobs, but they’re ooey gooey cinnamon rolls covered in three different flavored frostings. Lemon was my fav!


Had to grab coffee at GEORGE coffee…this big white farm house that is a coffee shop. dreamyyyy! Also, it was POURING rain on us but we did not let that stop our fun.


We spent the afternoon going to a jewelry show where I bought my DREAM NECKLACE that I have been eyeing for a while now…so that was amazing. Also, pictured here is the arena where the MAVs play!


We got a little snack at the cutest macaroon shop, and another round of coffee. We sat on the couch and caught up on so many things going on in each of our lives. That was my fav moment of the day.


Sunday we woke up, went to church, then had breakfast at this cool place called TOASTED. A bunch of different kinds of fancy toasts, what a brilliant idea!! I got the Avocado + sriracha + egg…AKA MY PERFECT BREAKFAST!!!

*So…Sunday afternoon we went vintage shopping - I bought a coat hehe - and then the unexpected happened…A FLAT TIRE. yup. And even worse…on the freeway!! But God is so good and we were able to pull over when we noticed it was flat and ended up in a huge shoulder area where we felt totally safe. The roadside assistance took F O R E V E R to come save us and fix Emi’s tire but we were reminded to be thankful that #1 it wasn’t pouring rain #2 we were together and not alone #3 we had phone service and a podcast to listen to and #4 we were on a really safe side of the freeway. So even though it ate up our afternoon, it didn’t bother Emi and I because we were hanging out together and that was fun enough haha!

We finally made it home and Auntie Pat had prepared the most amazing Texas BBQ feast!!!


She ordered a bunch of meats to try from a local BBQ restaurant and made all these incredible side dishes to balance everything out. WOWWWOWOWOWOOW


When I arrived on Friday, Uncle Russ asked me what kind of icecream I like. I told him coffee is one of my favorites…so he made homemade coffee icecream and served it up on Sunday night after dinner!!! IT WAS SO GOOD OH MY WORD.

Emi and I stayed up that night chatting some more and dreaming up our next adventure in life. I loved just spending quality time with her (my love language) and seeing her life in Texas.


I flew out on Monday morning…leaving the 50 degree weather in Dallas and returning to 80 degree weather in LA!! hahaha.

Now…on to the next!