It's spring break this week, which means the students are off of school but us teachers still have to go into work everyday...thus freeing up time for me to reflect and just prepare for this next school year. With the spare time I've had, I've found a moment to reflect on a few things in life that matter. 


As far away as I live and as many independent experiences I am having over here in Japan, my family still knows me best. Specifically my sister who sent me this package full of the most incredible things i.e a note from my nieces, a missions prayer card for church friends, rifle paper coasters (needed those!!), a journal called "fresh courage" which helps you recall all the times in life God has been faithful (amen!!), an adorable bathing suit for Hawaii (in a month), and a book from my dad (see below). It's the simple things from people that know your heart so well that matter. Thank you sissy.



My goal for this lent season has been to focus on developing a deep habit of prayer. My dad, being the awesome father that he is, sent me this book along with this note inside - "Chan, this is the best book I've ever read on prayer. Consider the teacher: Christ. May we pray for Japan! Love, Dad" I love my dad for so many reasons, but most of all I love him for the heart he has for the Lord and for prayer. He is an incredible role model and leader. Thanks pops! 



Music is a gift from God and recently a few worship albums/songs/artists have really been blessing me and filling me with so much joy and encouragement. 
ALBUMS YOU MUST LISTEN TO: Tell All My Friends (Will Reagan), Glory & Wonder (Mosaic MSC)
LOTFS (LAY ON THE FLOOR SONGS): Endless Ocean, Bottomless Sea (David Helser), and Yes and Amen (housefires) (the quote above is from this song)



Over the past few weeks I've had some incredible conversations of fellowship with friends God has blessed me with here. Three specific moments come to mind:

1. The other weekend I spent Sunday afternoon with my friend Yuki. We went to Tokyo coffee festival, a bakery, and then had dinner together. The whole time God really blessed our conversation and we were both able to share things we've been learning through recent relationships. Althought Yuki and I come from different backgrounds and beliefs, God gave us a chance to be honest and share our hearts in a cool way and really listen to one another and learn!
2. Just this past Saturday I was able to meet up with my friends Rachel and Jessica, CA natives living in Japan doing ministry with Campus Crusade (CRU). We went to this fancy icecream place but funny enough, we were so wrapped up in conversation that we didnt pay much attention to the delicious desserts ha! God blessed us with incredible fellowship and conversation about living out obedience, challenges in ministry in Japan, and the hopes we have for the future of this country. Then, we went to shakeys and had a pizza buffet for dinner. What could be better?

3. Sunday after church, I headed to Roppongi to have a tea party with a bunch of new friends. Three from CA, one from the east coast, and one from NZ! We sat around the table, drinking tea, eating delicious snacks. and laughing our butts off talking about the most random things. I was amazed sitting there, how God brought us all together in the middle of Tokyo Japan at that precise moment all for various reasons (teaching, the embassy, google..)! God is the author and creator of our lives and He paints a better picture than we could ever dream up.

I am thankful for God's reminder about the things in life that matter.