Every year our school (and many schools in Japan) host a Bunkasai - a cultural festival. Each homeroom is in charge of decorating their classroom in a certain theme and either selling food or hosting some type of game/attraction according to that theme.

For example, 3A created an entire space themed toy-story-like ride where they pushed you in a cart while you threw glow in the dark frisbees at meticulously painted pictures of the solar system. Then there was 3B who transformed their entire room into a legitimate ramen restaurant and sold out of their 200 bowls of ramen on Friday and 400 on Saturday. Oh and 1A who moved all of their desks out of their room and created a serene Japanese tea garden with fresh dango and green tea.

It was incredible. I was blown away by the creativity, dedication, and teamwork these students put into this event. WOW. On Saturday Bunkasai was open to the public and the school was full to the brim with family, friends, and fans of our schools' famous brass band. I could go on and on about the details... but I took a lot of photos so I'll let them do the talking instead.

Welcome to Ichikashi Bunkasai 2015! 

I think everyone should experience a Japanese High School Bunkasai at least once in their life. I am thankful to be a this amazing school working with these awesome students!