The rain couldn't stop me from getting my hands on a burger+fries+custard at the SHAKE SHACK grand opening this weekend in Tokyo!

This is the first shake shack to open in Asia (see here) and it is located in the BEAUTIFUL Meiji Jingu Gaien park (close to shibuya area). The trees here are so gorgeous and I'm sure in a few weeks they will look even better when they start changing color. 

When we arrived at 11am on Saturday morning we asked one of the workers how long the wait would be and he said approx 2 hours...but thankfully it only took 1 hour! We rounded the corner to enter the building and I felt like I had just waiting in line at Disneyland and was about to board a rollercoaster. 

I decided to order a cheeseburger with fries and a concrete (custard) with black sesame puree and chocolate chips...

Now, I was raised on In&out so I was a bit skeptical if shake shack would really live up to the hype...BUT WHOAAAAA was it good. The burger was a bit small I'll admit, but it was reaaaaally really good. Dare I say better than in&out!? My only slight regret was getting the was delicious but a bit too expensive and I think I would have preferred a nice cold root beer instead. was worth the 1 hour wait and I will definitely be coming back for more!!