After my dad came to visit, I had a week of "spring break" where the students were all on break but I actually went in to work to save my vacation days for later.

The following weekend, my good friends Steph and Justin came to Japan and I was able to hang out with them in Tokyo Friday and Saturday! Sunday the North High Japanese club came into Tokyo and a few of my fellow teachers and I met them in the city to give them a little tour of Meijijingu and Harajuku area. I had to leave early to meet up wih my friend Yuki who had invited me to a fashion show for a popular woman's magazine.

 I finally made it home on Sunday night at 8pm and right as I was about to relax and deep dive down a spiral of The Voice Youtube videos...I got a text from Mina and Steph saying they wanted to meet in Kashiwa for Ramen so without hesitation, I ran to the train station to meet them. I devoured a hot bowl of ramen and came home with a full stomach and tired feet after a busy weekend. 

As of late, my life has consisted of eating a lot, sitting on the train a lot, and hanging out with people I really like a lot. Initially upon moving to Japan, I imagined I would encounter some loneliness  (the LIVING ALONE part of it was like a big flashing sign) but God is a good good father and He has comforted me and filled my days with a lot of experiences with the best people. How good is life when we're following the King!? 

Here's a bunch of photos from the past two weeks! 

For from him and through him and for him are all things.
To him be the glory forever. Amen.
Romans 11:36