This past Monday, I took a day off and went to Disneyland with my good friend Miri! I met Miri back in Torrance when we were both working at the same English tutoring center as teachers. She comes with an awesome backstory: born in Japan, grew up in Saudi Arabia, attended college in CA, and now back in Japan working full time! We've been planning a Disney day for a while, so we were so happy to finally make it happen. And, Miri being a Disney Pass Holder is the perfect person to go to the park with!

The cutest part of Tokyo Disneyland is all the Japanese things they have...aka Mickey and Minnie wearing Yukatas!

At Tokyo Disney (and Disneysea) the most popular things to do is MATCH. Like, head to toe match with all your friends. Those girls on the left exhibited full friend commitment. Also, we made sure to stop by the teacup vending machines!

Since it's summer, so many girls were wearing Yukatas! They were all so beautiful and festive...but the winner goes to the group on the right who all had MICKEY SHAPED OBIS! WHAAAAT. next level. 

A huge highlight of the day was seeing my friends Brenna and Declan who play face characters at the park! LOL. I met them both at church and they are two of the sweetest and friendliest people. Declan told me where they'd be at what time, so Miri and I made sure to meet them there and pretend like we were just fangirls which made it so funny. How precious are they?!! 


Okay and let's be real...the thing I was really MOST excited for was the FOOD. NOM NOMZZZZ.....

Arare Chicken- arare is rice crackers for those who don't know- and Miri and I were laughing because most foreigners will read that a-rare-chicken as in RARE and ohhhhh no! Also, Disney water! 

Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea are notorious for their popcorn and WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN A MERMAID POPCORN BUCKET?!! 

Melon Pan in the shape of Mike Wyzowski that actually tasted like melon...and disney Ramune!

Amazing cold noodles with sesame dressing and the best nashi (pear) shaved ice in a souvenir cup!! WIN WIN. 

It was seriously the perfect Disney day! We went at such a good pace, rode a few rides, ate amazing food, watched a few parades and shows, took a pic with Mickey, got to see Declan and Brenna...perfect! So thankful for a good friend like Miri to enjoy the day with :) Can't wait till I go again!