Well folks, looks like I survived my first official week as a english teacher at Kashiwa Municipal High School (Ichikashi). Here's my shoe locker (yes, everyday we take our shoes off and put on our "indoor shoes") where I have a cute little welcome sign. 

As the new Sensei on campus I had the honor of introducing myself at the Opening Ceremonies on Tuesday; where I gave a short speech in front of all 900 students at 60+ faculty. NBD. The students were all wearing their uniforms -light blue button up shirts and plaid pants/skirts - and sitting in incredibly straight lines with perfect posture. The room was dead silent, and my loud American voice blasted over the speaker system "HELLO MY NAME IS AMIE I'M FROM CALIFORNIAAAAA" haha. 

After the welcoming procedures I officially taught my first class on Wednesday. The students were sure to ask the top two questions I've been getting all week ,"How old are you?" and "Do you have a boyfriend?" Despite their silly questions and the occasional "sleeper" (yes, a few students were already falling asleep in class. awesome) I enjoyed the first few rounds of classes and noticed a lot of potential in these students. 

Being a teacher is no joke. And by that I mean, there is so much work to be done! The hardest part so far has been learning the ways of the Japanese school system. It is completely opposite from the states. There is a teachers meeting every morning where we have to stamp in our attendance using a Hanko (signature stamp), the students bow to you at the end of every class, and I teach four writing classes and three oral communication classes ALL IN DIFFERENT CLASSROOMS - WHAT? 

So there is a lot more to learn. But I'm a firm believe in accepting big challenges and developing a steadfast work-ethic. God is teaching me to stay organized, stay humble, work hard, and ultimately show these students how much our heavenly Father loves them. What a joy! 

Post-it notes, washi tape, and folders are seriously a teacher's best friend. 

OH ALSO, received my first letter in the mail *tears, thanks Ry* and here's my address if anyone is interested in sending some snail mail over to 3-13-12 Kita-kashiwa!