After meeting up and spending a day in Ho Chi Minh City...we boarded a plane and headed an hour to Da Nang, Vietnam. Da Nang is an up and coming resort town and immediately upon landing I knew we were in for a relaxing and beautiful week in paradise.

The boys did great on the easy flight, and they were excited to get to the Resort and see the rest of the family!

Jen's family so generously set up all the accomodations for the week and we stayed at Premier Village DaNang Resort. It was spectacular.



The whole resort is full of these beautiful white houses surrounded by the most incredible greenery. Each house has a private pool, not to mention the fact that the place is steps away from a beach club (infinity pool) and the ocean!!! I was in heaven. 

The house we stayed at had 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a full kitchen. What made it even more fun was that Jen's family blocked out three houses in a row so we could walk next door to meet up with the rest of the family! 

To get to the beach we just had to walk down a short path leading out from our backyard. Literally 2 minutes and our toes were in the sand. 

The resort had an awesome kiddie pool as well as this insane infinity pool with a swim-up-bar and a view of the beach. YOWZAHHHH. Also, because this resort is relatively new (a few years I believe) it was pretty much empty...with just a few other family staying it felt like we had a private pool!

Cutting down some coconuts to use at the resort restaurant for drinks!

One morning (due to jetlag) the boys were up early so we decided to make use of the warm weather and head down to the beach at 8am! 

Cam was loving the sand and did not care one bit that he was dirty (Hunter used to hate getting all dirty).

Brothers! It was so fun being reunited with my nephews!

Nothing beats cold dragon fruit. It is so refreshing and beautiful! 

Ba and Ong brought us Pho one morning for breakfast. I wish I could wake up to this every morning!

The resort was so awesome that we stayed there most of the time. I didn't take many photos on my camera of DaNang city itself...but we did go out to eat a lot and I took some pics on my phone (those will be coming in a later post).

For now, lets end with one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen...