SNOW DAY − 雪の日

On Monday it snowed the most it has in a few years here in the Tokyo area...and it was MAGICAL!!!

In the morning, it was cold and just beginning to snow, which allowed everyone to get to school safely with no delay. During 2nd period...things really started to pick up and the students (and myself included) could hardly focus on work when it was so beautiful outside. The snow kept going and much so that right when school ended at 3:25pm, the VP made an announcement on the loudspeaker that there would be no cleaning time, no club practices, and all students and teacher should go home ASAP. Alison and I always take the bus home from school, so we walked out to the bus stop as usual..but we saw a huge line of students standing there. They told us the bus was delayed 30 minutes we decided to WALK. Yep, in the snow. We walked 30 minutes to the nearest train station which may sound like a bummer, but for two Californian girl it only added even more amazingness to an already spectacular day!!

conclusion : snow is beautiful. magical. wonderful. and fun (ok, and a little cold) 


These pics are from the street right outside my apartment. I walk this road every day home, so it was so surreal seeing it in this state!!!


Tuesday morning I woke up and felt like a kid on Christmas day. I was so excited to see what the snow would look like so I got ready for work and ran outside! I decided to walk across the street to the little lake that runs along the road and right when I stepped through the bushes...I was speechless. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. truly. pure magic. 


The view from my apartment stairs!! 


Wow...what a snow day!!! I thank God for giving me this experience. Truly breathtaking (in more ways than one lol) and something i'll never forget.