Last week I returned (Thursday) from an awesome vacay in Hawaii with my fam. I hit the ground running by going back to work the next day (Friday) and then spending the weekend cruising all over Japan with my cousin Kristi and good friend Melissa who are in town for the week. Needless to's been busy and so much fun!! 

When I flew back in to Narita after my time in Hawaii, this surreal feeling sweep over me. I was walking through customs, to baggage claim, out to the train lines...and it all felt so familiar. I've done this many times before. And I paused there for a moment and just thought to myself, How many times in my life will I say I am coming home to Japan? Craaaaazyyyyyy. I just feel so blessed to have had an amazing week in paradise with my fam, and now get to show Kris and Mel around Japan...truly too good to be true! Thank you Lord!

So many photos coming up...but for now let's all just stare at the insanely beautiful blue waters of Kailua beach and wish we were there...