I just spent the last two+ weeks at home in socal and my heart is feeling so full and so blessed. I was able to spent time with childhood friends, high school besties, college roommates (and their babies!), and of course - my amazing family!! One of the biggest blessing of living abroad is gaining a deeper appreciation for the time I have with loved ones. Distance from your family and friends really does make the heart grow fonder. 


As you all know, I love my life in Japan, but I have to admit that being home these last two weeks has made me excited to return stateside when my contract finishes this year. I didn't anticipate feeling this at all (I mean come on, Tokyo is pure magic!!) but over these last few weeks, I could sense God filling me with purpose and vision for when I move back to CA. He is so gracious. 

Well, today I head back to Japan ready to embrace all that's ahead in 2018! My prayer is that I can finish off my teaching job strong and continue to deepen the relationships the Lord has given me in Kashiwa and Tokyo. I want to walk in God's presence daily and be guided by His word and wisdom in every aspect of my life!


I am so thankful for the holidays at home with my family...both my mom's side and my dad's side! God is so good and His love is greater than I will ever be able to comprehend. 

back to the motherland I go...!!!!