Last Sunday, after a wonderful church service with my family at HOPE church, I headed to Tokyo to meet up with a former coworker and now dear friend of mine, Moe (pronounced Mo-Eh). 

But first I had to make a pit stop at Starbs at Tokyo station to check out their Christmas cups. I will say, there is something comforting about living in a country with an actually cold winter. Cozy clothes, scarves, boots and warm drinks! I got the strawberry tea (is that only in Japan?) and it was amazing. 

Moe reminds me of my high school best friends...she'd totally fit right in with us. She is chill, super sporty (volleyball), but also loves fashion and has such a cool sophisticated style. 

First stop was LA KAGU, this super dope shop + cafe in Kagurazaka. Of course they would have a rad coffee cup design and murals on the walls...

Apparently in Kagurazaka there are a lot of French ex-pats so we decided to dive into European culture and eat some savory crepes. Our waiter had the cutest French accent and asked all the people in the restaurant to take a photo with him.

Fancy shmancy duck + pear + cheese crepe.

and the piece de resistance...egg + prosciutto + cheese. nomzzzz. 
Moe lives pretty far away now (2hrs) but if we meet in Tokyo its about an hour for each of us, which isn't bad. Steph and I try to see her once every few months and just catch up. She told us she's switching jobs this year and going into the corporate life in Tokyo which is good news for us because we can meet up with her more often! 

We ended the night with dessert at Saryo, which has a bunch of really good cakes and matcha desserts. Loved spending time with Moe! Tokyo is a crazy place, because although I've lived here over a year there is still so much to explore and SO MANY new places and things to check out. It's endless!