Step 1 : Go to 10:30am church service and meet up with your friend (whom you met a few weeks ago at church), eat a delicious and cheap 7-11 lunch and then head towards Tokyo.

Step 2: Meet up with two more friends at Mitsukoshi-mae station, pay 1,000yen (10 bucks) and enter into the fantastic world of 'Art Aquarium'...


I know...crazy right!?? ART + GOLDFISH = pretty amazing. 

Step 3: Explore Mitsukoshi-mae area *AKA the Beverly Hills of Tokyo* and pretend you can afford things.

STEP 4: Whilst walking along the streets...stumble upon the most ADORABLE MOCHI CHARACTER named Shiromochikun and take an excessive amount of photos with him. 

Step 5: Explain to your friends how, "a snacks sounds really good right about now..." and have your friend then suggest, "How about Baumkuchen? There is an amazing cafe close by." Then proceed to the most amazing Baumkuchen cafe where they bake everything on the spot and obsess over the perfectly glazed cakes and delicious coffee. 

And that, my a perfect Sunday.