Me: a born and raised southern California human with little to no affinity for cold weather.

Japan: a country with 4 REAL seasons (gasp! what are those?) and a winter that is C O L D.

This past weekend I spent most of the day outside passing out candy with the Kashiwa International Relations Association (KIRA), and then walking around a huge book sale *see photo above* in 15 degrees celsius and I almost turned into a frozen popsicle. I was then reminded that, "Amie, this is not even cold yet!" to which I responded, "ha ha funnyyyyy joke. oh wait you're serious. *tears*"

 What lies ahead of me is the first real winter I've experience in my life thus far. I mean, lets be real I grew up by the beach in CA, went to school in the HOTNESS that is Azusa, and then spent a few months living in Africa where the sun never seemed to stop shining. But you know, as I sit here with two pairs of socks on, ugg boots, and a blanket wrapped around my shoulders I am reminded that this is quite the experience. As much as I'm terrified of what winter will be like I'm also slightly excited to see what stories will come out of a situation like this. Stay tuned folks...the chill is approaching. And pray for me. And send tea.