This was my first thanksgiving back home in three years. <3

My cousins and I set up the tables in the morning. This year, we’re transition to taking over more responsibility during the holidays…and letting our moms relax. We pulled off some pretty cool centerpieces using waffle cones stuffed with various flowers, candies and greens. Everyone came with their assigned food items. Funny enough, I was given the least risky job of all - fruit. I tried not to think of this as a reflection of the level of responsibility my family members believe I can handle haha.

This year we enjoyed the company of our waddling one year olds, Tayah and Valor. As well as the bellies of our families two pregnant ladies, Jen and Erin. Since there are so many kids now, the house is never quiet…never dull, which is this new generation of fun our family has entered.

Three years away for Thanksgiving has made it all the sweeter. And I find myself needing to make these extra sentimental photos black and white…not sure why. Maybe, in this light, they feel more frozen in time. Tiny memories I never want to forget.