okay I'm sure you are thinking to yourself by now..Amie and Emi sure do take a lot of photos together...but when you put the two of us, with cameras in hand, in one of the best cities in the world we have no choice but to document every moment!

Here's the last installment of our time in Japan together...and we spend our last few days exploring a few new areas of Tokyo that I hadn't even been to yet!

The first pic I took on our last full day in Tokyo was my favorite.

The first place we hit up was Akihabara area to go to a few cool shops that they've built under the train tracks.

Next spot was 2k540 which, in my opinion is the weirdest name, but it is this rad building also under the train tracks that they have converted to a bunch of tiny artisan shops. SO COOL. 

We were in search of coffee by this time...and stumbled upon Asan cafe which had HAMMOCKS! Affogato + hammocks = perfection. 

After Akihabara we decided to do some shopping in kita-senju and found a SHIRO cosmetic store. All of the products are made in Japan using Japanese natural ingredients like red bean, potatoes, sake, flowers, etc. We spent a good 40 minutes trying out everything and becoming best friends with the lady working there haha. Emi bought anko (red bean) face scrub!!! and I bought solid perfume which smells heavenly. We fell in love with this place!

We ended the day fabric shopping, eating musubi, doodling our future plans, and watching the trains pass by at a cool starbucks right on the kita-senju tracks. 



We headed into Tokyo in the morning to drop Emis luggage off at Hamamatsucho so we could walk around freely. Soon enough, we realized that they day would be a SCORCHER and anywhere we walked we just felt like we were melting. (SO. HOT) We hid inside for a few hours at Starbucks and soaked up our last few hours in Japan together.

The starbs on the rooftop in omotesando is pretty cool with its outdoor terrace. 

That afternoon we met up with my friend Shoki who happened to be in Ebusi for work, and decided to hit up Afuri again since Emi loved it the first time. Emi ordered the vegan ramen which was not only incredibly beautiful but so good! Full of flavor and really fresh tasting. I decided to try something new and got the charsiu rice with daikon on top which was BOMB and Shoki got the superrr red spicy ramen. Afruri is always a good choice. 

By this point we only had an hour or so before we had to head to the airport so Shoki took us to Ebisu Garden Place. Little did he know that was the perfect spot to go because it's the location where they filmed Hana-Yori-Dango AKA the ultimate Japanese drama AKA one of Emi's favorite shows ever! We sipped our Pineapple soda and enjoyed the famous spot. 

Then it was time to say our goodbyes so Emi and I headed to Haneda and had one last Japanese dessert before giving eachother one last big hug and saying bye. Having Emi here was so special and we really did have the best week ever together! It's going to be hard to top that :)

I am so thankful to God for blessing me with a lifelong friend like Emi. We have walked through every life stage together and have grown closer as the time has passed, and that is something I will always treasure. We always have the best ideas flowing when we're together and I have no doubt we'll create some awesome art/fashion/crafts/blogs/photography/etc in the future when we live in the same city again! Praise God for friendship and thanks for coming Em - LOVE YOU TONS!