So, I have a fun new thing happening in my life this month…I’ll be working at the EVERLANE pop-up at the Grove!



What is Everlane?
Everlane is a clothing brand that started out online and now has 2 brick and mortar stores… in SF and NYC. They’re tailored for the working millennial and are famous for their stretch denim and cute shoes. Fun fact: Meghan Markle wore their tote bag which then sold out in minutes!

What is a pop-up?
A pop-up is just a tiny little temporary shop that is purposed to get some exposure for a company or brand. They’re super common now days, especially with companies that have a heavy online presence.

What’s your work schedule like? And will you continue to work with them?
So, i’ll be working a part time at the pop-up…mostly on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. The pop-up is only open until November 27th. Currently, there are no set plans to open a brick and mortar Everlane in LA…but I know they are scouting out places in Santa Monica and Venice to possibly open in 2019. Depending on how that goes, I may stay on with them and work at their store next year. We shall see!

Screen Shot 0030-11-08 at 8.26.02.png
Screen Shot 0030-11-08 at 8.26.27.png

So, I realize this is quite the divergence from my most previous job…teaching…but there is a part of me that has always loved fashion, art and sales! hahah! A few years ago I worked a little stint at Lululemon and loved every minute of it… and I loved it because I could just chat with different people all day long. So in that sense, retail is really a fun gig for me! It’s not my dream job…but it’s a really fun job for now!