a lot of random things I've been up to via my iphone...literally all over the place...

"leave me alone" was the store's name. brilliant. And my good friend Curtis brought me chick-fil-A sauce THANK YOU CURTIS.

Steph and I pulled off a two-day English camp for the first year international class. We planned a bunch of activities and sessions to get the students more comfortable speaking English. Also, we took four of our girl students to a recent speech contest. Unfortunately, none of them placed but let's just say I would have chosen otherwise!! *They were all amazing!

Bentos delivered old school style to the English camp...and Tamaoki sensei explaining the proper way to choose a drink at 7-11. He chose this LIFEGUARD soda for me while I was getting through my cold. It tasted like extremely flavorful mountain dew. never again.

TAIKUSAI aka SPORTS FESTIVAL was a few weeks ago and it was awesome. 

The game everyone loves is when the girls have to pick up a card which tells them what ingredient they have to stuff their face in. The worst one is the nori (Seaweed!)

My two fellow teachers and I (wore a face mask all day due to my cold)...and the 2A students in a group huddle. 

A few other events recently...I had to help out with a local festival in Kashiwa. It was an international festival so there were a bunch of different cultural dances and performances. The day before, I had a church lunch with a bunch of awesome ladies and Sayumi was the queen in the kitchen cooking up a bunch of eggs to go on top of our Thai food!

Nothing like a good cup of coffee in Tokyo. This one was from Sidewalk stand in Naka Meguro. 

Two good things for the soul...a nice walk outside and a power lunch (Acai smoothie and salad). I would eat that lunch every single day if I was rich and had money to throw around. 

Giant greens in Tokyo and a nice farmers market. 

House plant envy...and the cutest Tokyo kids going home after school.


Wowza...September was a wild month. It's almost mid way though October now and my good friend Steph has been staying with me these past few days. I has been so nice and refreshing having her around. The Lord knew that having a good friend from back home visit was exactly what I needed to get me through this crazy season. 

Then, the end of October means mid-terms, a few nomikais, dinners with former coworkers, a halloween party for English club...and then I will be preparing myself for the cold that comes with November. What I am NOT looking forward to is freezing my butt off every day but what I AM looking forward to is being home for the holidays!!! Counting down the days...