When I was in college I used to dream of the day when I could live in a little house by the beach, a walk away from putting my toes in the sand, with a taco restaurant at the corner. This dream is still alive and well within me, but living near one of the largest cities in the world has put this dream on a momentary pause and caused me to dive head first into the concrete jungle.

If you haven't been to Tokyo at least once in your life, I highly suggest you look into it. This city is pretty spectacular. It's a paradox of sorts. Incredibly crowded, yet peaceful and safe. Vibrant and fashion forward, yet soaking in so much history. Expensive and glamorous, yet sophisticated and simple. 

A few years back I was in Chicago with my Dad. One day he had a few business meetings so I had an afternoon to wander around the city solo. I was initially terrified of the idea (extroverts raise yo hands!) until I started walking around the city and felt a sudden sense of complete liberation and freedom. As if I could do anything, go anywhere, take photos of whoever, and then swim away in the sea of people and continue on with my life. I forgot about that memory, until I came to Tokyo and I realized how much adventure can be found in a big city. 

So being the girl who grew up dreaming about ocean waves, sand between my toes, and crisp mountain air...I will admit that the city has forged it's way into my heart. When I walk around Tokyo I feel this unity with the people around me, all living life in close proximity to one another, all experiencing the same views through completely different lenses. It's fascinating, captivating, and an adventure I'm thankful to be on.

Who knows, maybe later on in life my dream of living in that tiny cottage by the beach may be fulfilled...but for now, the city has my heart.