1.a set of principles underlying the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.

For my 26th year of life, i've decided to work on developing a type of personal aesthetic. I realize that sounds a bit pretentious, but my honest intent is to work on valuing quality over quantity and I believe this kind of creative expression will help me in that!

Growing up, I always had a crazy, beachy way of dressing and styling my room. I loved the bright floral bed spread, miss-matched pillow cases, layered fashion looks and bright handbags. I kept this style going all throughout college where most of my clothes were bought at thrift stores and traded with my roommates. But now that I've lived in Japan for 2.5 year, I can definitely feel a change in my wardrobe and the pieces i'm drawn to. I realize that I wear a lot of neutral colors, mostly black and blue, with gold and silver accessories and some eye shadow and occasionally blush. I don't mind a bold lip color or funky shoe, but I like to keep my clothes simple. I find myself drawn to more high end pieces of clothes and accessories rather than the cheap, replaceable ones. (my family likes to call this, "caviar taste" haha) Tokyo will have this affect on you!

I wanted to work on nailing down what exactly I wanted my "26 aesthetic" to look like and I gathered these first batch of photos online to help me better aim for something. Pink might seem like a surprising color choice, especially for those who know me best, but I feel like it represent the light touch of the femininity and maturity I have recently stepped into. 


so far...this is my 26 AESTHETIC...which is still a work in progress!