Recently I had an epiphany to which God very simply reminded me that: He provides.

My epiphany beings with the fact that it's finals week at school...which means the schedule is all weird and students come to school from 8:30am, take a test or two, then leave by noon. Thus, freeing up the afternoon for teachers to grade tests and plan for the next day. BUT...a perk of being an ALT is you don't give finals (not allowed) so therefore I have the whole afternoon free to do what I love most : shoot some hoops. 

So....imagine the giant main gym by myself, literally no other sound around besides the bounce of the basketball and the squeak of my shoes. I was sweating profusely thanks to the Japanese humidity and attempting to see if I still have a decent 15ft-er in my game still. And after throwing up a few shots...I paused for a moment and laughed. I laughed because it was exactly what my heart needed that day. A day in the gym, bouncing a basketball like I've done a thousand times as a kid. It's a hard feeling to describe...something like a mix of nostalgia, with muscle memory, with a flood of moments that come back just by the squeak of my shoes and thump thump of a ball on hardwood. The Lord knew that was exactly what my soul needed and it felt I was so blessed by that moment and I knew without a doubt, the Lord provides. Exactly what you need. When you need it. Amen.

more of the Lord's provision...


I went shopping on Sunday in attempt to find new summer shoes to wear. The shoes part didn't work out, but as I was walking through the insanely busy mall wondering what I would eat that day, I stumbled upon...WOW WOW ACAI BOWLS!! (famous place from Hawaii). Thank you Lord! It's the simple things. Also, the photo on the right may just look like your average squeezable pineapple ice cream (amazing btw) but to me, it represents so much more. You see, recently... my fridge broke. Like straight up stopped making anything cold. So after surviving for a while (don't ask how long) I asked the Lord to help me figure out how my car-less-knowledge-less about fridges-self could get a new one. The Lord provides...and my two awesome coworkers, Mashiko and Tanaka sensei came to my rescue. They drove me to the appliance shop, helped me pick out a new fridge, drove me to my apt, carried my old fridge down 3 flights of stairs and carried my new one up. Wow. So, in an act of victory, I went to the conbini and grabbed my recent favorite snack to throw in my freezer!! HALLELUJAH. 

The Lord provides. 

The Lord also provides a good Saturday in Shinjuku with good company, aka my friend Declan! Declan is from the U.K and it is hilarious hanging out with him because not only does he have the spunkiest personality but he also has the thickest British accent! Take for example, the conversation we had that went something like this...

Him:    "I cooked this amazing quinoa with veggies and MARINARA sauce"
**What I heard him say**: "I cooked this amazing quinoa with veggies and MORE RINARA SAUCE"
Me:     "oh dude what is Rinara sauce? it sounds so fancy"
Him:    "Amie, you're joking, right. I knew I should have said it in an American accent"

HAHAHAHAHA. Very thankful for funny, joyful, spunky friends like Declan to keep my on my toes! 

The Lord provides new experiences and new people to love! I have lived in Japan 2 years now and have been to more nomikais than I can count...but wouldn't ya know it...I went to one on Tuesday at a restaurant I had never been to before, and I chatted with a few teachers who I have yet to have a full conversation with! I always love these social events and moments to be more laid back with my coworkers.

So thankful for all the Lord is doing here in Japan. I am now gearing up for more summer activities and all the adventures the Lord had ahead! 

"And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:19