One of the main reasons why I went home at the end of April\May was to attend my dear friend Lexi's (and her college bf Garrett) wedding! On Saturday of the wedding weekend we all drove up to Oxnard area to stay at a beach house. My Californian soul felt right at home!

The wedding venue was stunning (McCormick ranch) and totally fit the vibe of Lexi and Garrett's personalities. The weather was soooo nice, the bbq dinner was delicious, and I was able to catch up with a lot of people who Lexi and I both know from home. I love that sweet pic of Lexi hugging her mother-in-law... she is marrying into an amazing family and vice versa! 

I met Lexi back when we were both weee little high school students going to church summer camp. She was the cool drummer girl that rode a fixie bike and worked at Cold Stones and I liked her immediately. We've been best buds every since and I've seen her walk through a lot of seasons in life. I got super emotional (inherited this from my mom) when we were praying for her before she walked down the aisle...I was just flooded with so many memories with her when we were younger and being there on her big day was just so special for me!! 

Who needs a wedding cake when you can have donuts!?? 

Lexi and Garrett make an amazing couple!! 

I stayed at the beach house that Lexis family was renting out after the wedding... and it was convenient because on Monday morning I headed just an hour south to meet up with my college roomie - Abbie!!

Gosh I love this girl. I will forever be indebted to APU for randomly placing us as roommates freshman year of college. Abbie and I met up in Malibu and the best part was...she brought her sister and niece along with her!

OKAY. This child is beautiful. Little Evelyn has the most precious pale skin and gorgeous red hair. I couldn't stop squeezing her! We went to brunch and then walked around some shops before heading to the beach. She was so chill and let me hold her most of the time...and at the store I kept joking with other people like "she is my child. don't you see the resemblance!?"

Abbie has been such a constant friend in my life the past 7 years (wow!) and being able to spend the morning with her, her sister, and her niece was such a blessing.

I drove back home Monday afternoon and was stuck in a bit of traffic on PCH...I looked over to my right and saw this view from my window and thought to myself...."man, I love California."
I do love living in Japan...but there is something about that salty ocean air and that PCH drive that will always feel like home.