*part II of a rad Saturday in Tokyo...*

After our bomb udon lunch...we walked just 2 minutes down the street to Nezu Shrine. 

How cute are the Lims?! They moved to Japan in August last year and will be here 3 years for Tony's job at the embassy. Hanging out with them is a lot like hanging out with my siblings and their kids back home ...and I think God knew I needed some hometown comforts while living here in Japan. Thank you Lord! 

Nezu Shrine is a definitely MUST-SEE in youre in Tokyo...especially if you're here visiting and don't have time to go down to Kyoto, which has the very famous (and crowded) Fushimi-inari Shrine with similar red torii gates. There were hardly any people at Nezu Shrine which made it nice and peaceful!

Okay these kids are THE CUTEST LITTLE THINGS EVER!! 

I love everything about slouchy Japanese fashion...and pottery :)

cool little book stop in the train station...after seeing the shrine, we headed on our way to Nogizaka station aka the National Art Center in Roppongi to check out an insane (FREE) art exhibit...


"FOREST OF NUMBERS" by French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux....WOW. This exhibit was to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the museum and thats why it was free!


This man had it all going...the white leather coat, the furry hat, the phone taking a photo of a camera...hahaha I love Tokyo. 

It was cool to walk through the numbers...but I think the view from the outside is the real stunner! 

I always love the light at the National Art Center. 

So after our museum tour, Steph and I headed to Omotesando for some time while the Lims ran some errands. We met up with them later at night for dinner at their house and that's why we stayed in Tokyo until 10pm!!

Omotesando is one of my favorite streets in all Tokyo. You are guaranteed to see some very stylish people here!

The buildings and stores in Omotesando are just incredibly cool and chic. I picked up the shoes I bought from Onitsuka Tiger (thanks to my dear friend Midori!) and then we headed to get some much needed coffee (p.s living in a city WILL make you a coffee person)

The Japanese coffee scene is sometimes TOO cool and hip. 

We decided to get some coffee at Mojo Coffee...an Australian chain with a few locations in Tokyo.

I got some fancy drink that's like a Latte with less milk + more expresso...SO GOOD. 

Also, the lemon tart with the marshmallow puff on top was out of this world. Would definitely get that again!

Omotesando bumps right into Harajuku area...so there are always a lot of teenagers and foreigners out. This day, the weather wasn't too cold so it felt nice walking around the streets as the sun set. 

Made a pit stop at the Tokyu Plaza building that has this epic mirror entrance. 

And a rare shot of Steph and I in the same photo ha!! 

We did some shopping, the went to the Lim's house for dinner and a game night. We were pooped when we got back to Kashiwa at 10:30 or 11pm...and I crashed so hard! I think we walked at least 10 miles or so that day...worth every second!

That closes out another Saturday in the city. I love living near Tokyo and feel more and more comfortable walking these streets every time I go. Who wants to come visit!??