I've been in Japan less than a week...about five days to be exact... and I've already encountered a problem...

The food is too good.

Yes I'm serious. The food is TOO GOOD. Why is this a problem? For starters, I'm here working as a teacher with the hopes of saving my money but it looks like I might be spending every dollar I have on crispy katsu, mochi covered in shoyu-sugar, endless amounts of icecream and snacks, and noodles for days. Also, as my mother pointed out in a recent text, all I've been eating has been a delicious assortment of fried things - seriously lacking in fruits (which are too expensive here) and a lot of sugary drinks. BUT IT IS ALL SO PRETTY! 

So let me introduce you to my first foodie weekend in Japan (via my iphone).  

*any of you who are on the fence about visiting me here...let this be some hard core evidence as to why you need to get your butt over here ASAP. 

some seriously amazing tonkatsu (fried pork) in Kashiwa station. The craziest thing about this is Steph said, "this Isn't even the best Katsu in Japan." I'M SORRY WHAT???


Vending machines are everywhere here making it incredibly tempting to try every single sugary drink under the sun. Got this on the walk home for 100yen ($1 )and Wonda is my new bff

Took the train 20 minutes to LALAPORT mall and found this gem of a noodle shop in the food court. Yes, the food court. Nothing is better on a hot day than cold soba!

MR DONUT. Many people told me about this place before coming to Japan, so I was excited to finally try it. The verdict: looks like a donut...tastes like mochi...BOMB.COM. danger zone

This is one side of Kashiwa station. Lucky for me It's a 2 minutes train ride (one station over) from my home station Kita-Kashiwa. Can't wait to explore more of this city!