Five years ago, I lived in a house on a cozy corner in Azusa with 8 other girls and called it “The Nest". We functioned like a family, gathering every Sunday afternoon for “Sunday somethings” where we would share food, stories, and pray blessings over one another. That year, senior year of college, solidified our sisterhood and we graduated with our heads held high knowing we’d always be in eachothers’ lives.

This past weekend, I was reunited with the Nesters in Napa to witness one of our own, Natty Sue, marry her guy, Eddie, under the tall trees in wine country. It was magic.

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JPEG image-256F57CB5999-9.jpeg
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You know you’re in the midst of a blessed friendship when things just get sweeter over time. All of us flew/drove in from Azusa, LA, San Diego, Chicago, Seattle and Milwaukee…and although we haven’t all been together in a few years, we picked up right where we left off and never skipped a beat. Us girls chatted about marriage, babies, work, friends…while the dudes bonded over the NFL, Dodgers, and work life. This photo here reminds me of the miracle of the Lord’s favor and blessing in life.

Thankful for a refreshing weekend with these lifelong friends <3

And to end with a throwback photo of us…senior year in college…2013!


I remember we wanted to take photos of all 9 of us so we decided to use my tri-pod and go out to a random vacant lot in Azusa hahahaha. We somehow landed on the dress code of “natural/neutrals” and snapped this photo which - to this day - remains one of my all time favorite photos E V E R.