KICHIJOJI : ft. Poiema and her scooter

I had another summer day off this week which meant exploring Tokyo with my good friend Nathalie and her tiny daughter, Poiema! We decided to spend our day in Kichijoji, a cool area right outside the main Tokyo area that is most famous for being home to the Ghibli museum and the beautiful Inokashira park!

The cutest thing was that Poiema (pronounced poh-eee-mah) brought along her scooter and wore her helmet all day - HAHA. 

Stocking up on some body wipes to stay cool in the humidity. 

Life's too short to wear boring pants!! amiright?? I bought these bad boys at zara recently and I want to wear them everyday. 

We walked through Inokashira park and saw a group of elderly people painting..gahhhhh so cute!!! 

Inisde the park is a zoo! So we took Poiema there as a surprise. 

After the zoo we headed down the cute streets around kichijoji station to find some food!

Finally found a thai restaurant! By this time it was 2pm and we were exhausted from the humidity and heat...and super hungry! This chicken plate was so simple and so AMAZING. 

I LOVED the interior of this place.  Reminds me of when I was a highschooler and painted my room orange, maroon and turquoise! Thanks mom, for letting me do that ha! 

Thanks to instagram, I saw a pic of this place - HARA DONUTS - and knew we had to go check it out. I mean, how adorable is this store front!?? 

Strawberry white chocolate donut!!! so perfect. 

And Hara donuts happened to be right next door to Light Up Coffee, a trendy shop I've heard of before but never visited. 

Nathalie got this crazy "shakelato" or something like that, which to our surprise came in a martini glass HAHA. It was basically a super sweet latte (no alcohol in it)! And I got the iced coffee that was so strong and so good. 

Japanese store fronts are seriously ...GOALS. Somehow they keep things so simple, yet so eye-catching... and so photographable! 

We headed back to the station via these cozy alleyways. Japan has got to be one of the most charming nations in the world. I've lived here 2 years and still can't get over it. I don't think ever will!

Praise the Lord for days-off and vending machines on every corner to keep us hydrated in 90degree heat and 90% humidity!! YEWWW!