Kita-Kashiwa city (北柏): the place I get to call home for the next few years.

I know Japanese names/places can be a bit confusing...but let me try and explain a little about where I am living. We all know Tokyo as being Japan's mega-city so I'll use that as a main starting point. From the heart of Tokyo, you would travel an hour Northeast (by train) to get to the station closest to my house; Kita-Kashiwa station. The commute there is really not that bad and it frees up a lot of time to read, surf the web, or the most common option - sleep. 

Being one hour outside one of the biggest, most well known, cities in the entire world is pretty awesome. I'm close enough to get there for dinner and back home at a reasonable hour...but I'm also far enough away to have some peace, see some nature, and not have to squeeze like a sardine in the train everyday. 

It really is a great place to live. I am loving my neighborhood and the stores and parks around. I think my favorite place in Kashiwa (so far) is Lake Teganuma, which is conveniently 1 BLOCK AWAY FROM ME! Thank you Lord! So here's a little view of my neighborhood, Kita-Kashiwa.