Hello 2019! Here’s what has happened so far…


I spent my first weekend of the new year camping Carlsbad with my high school besties. We all met up Saturday afternoon and set up camp, ate hotdogs and burgers, made smores and listened to throwback hip hop songs as the sun went down. The friendship I share with my high school besties (and now their bfs!) is one of my life’s greatest treasures and starting the year off with them was the best way to begin.

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I carved out some time while camping to head down to the water to do some journaling. I always love sitting by the sea and writing to God. It’s the best thing for my soul and the most peaceful place I can be.

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Over the second weekend of the new year, I had a very special reunion. Back in 2011-2012 I was a Resident Advisor at APU and was on staff with these fine human beings right here. We worked together all year ensuring out living area (UP) ran smoothly and safely. Our Resident Director, Kelly, now runs a camp in Idylwilde (Idylwilde Pines Camp) so we all headed up there for a reunion. Some of these folks I havent seen since graduation in 2013!!

We spent all weekend catching up, cooking together, and playing board games HAHA. (we all got hooked on the game CODE NAMES). It was refreshing to be back around these people and it reminded me that no matter how many years pass between seeings someone, if your love for them is sincere, you can pick up right where you left off.

Starting off this year with a bunch of people I love…nothing better than that!