There is a certain panic that sets in during sakura season in Tokyo where everyone is buzzing around trying to get the best views of these ephemeral flowers. I myself, felt this panic the other weekend when I had to teach my Saturday class on the prime day for sakura viewing! My class finished at 3pm and I immediately headed into Tokyo to meet a few friends and take pics of the flowers for a few hours before the sun set around 6pm. The spot I had been dreaming about going to was Nakameguro...and let me just say, it did not dissappoint. 

Nakameguro station is pretty on this particular Saturday it was overflowing with people...jammed on every side trying to exit and get to Meguro river to see the blooms. 

Meguro is a pretty stylish area since it bumps into Ebisu and Daikanyama which are super cool places for young working people to hang out...aka TRENDY-INSTAGRAM-VIBES ALL AROUND! 

I met up with my friends Brittan and Nathalie and it was so fun to drink pretty sparkling drinks, take a bazillion photos, and share the excitement of sakura season with them! 

This might be my favorite shot of the day! 

All along the was PACKED. But funny enough, I didn't really mind. The flowers were so stunning that you couldn't really complain. 

We were sure to get our hands on some Hanami dango...which represents the three stages a sakura flower lives through: pink bud, white petals, and green leaves! get it!? 

I can imagine this couple perfectly coordinating their pink outfit beforehand just to take this photo

When the sun sets, they light up the river which creates a pretty epic scene. The weather was so nice...with just a bit of chill in the air. ahhh...spring.