We woke up on our second day in Hakone hoping the skies would open up and reveal a snow-peaked-Mt. Fuji ...but unfortunately the clouds were still coming in strong. I was a little bummed, but I figured that was a sign from God that i'd have to come back to Fuji again to see her in all her snow-peaked beauty! Dad and I didn't let the cloudiness get us down...and we headed out early for a nice walk around our hotel and THE BEST BREAKFAST.

Our hotel was really nice with gardens in the back and, like most great Japanese hotels, a sento (public bath) that you could go to at anytime during the day. It was really nice to experience that part of Japanese culture again!

Dad and I decided to go to this place right on the lake for breakfast called Bakery and Table. I had seen picture of it online and knew that the view would be amazing. It did not disappoint! 

We got there early (before the crowds) and ate the breakfast buffet. YUMMMMM! Check out that view though. 

Perfect morning with my dad. So thankful for this time with him.

After breakfast we went on one more boat ride to another gondola...this time on a pirate ship!

If you know my know that he ALWAYS travels with mentos. haha. It is like a necessity for him to have them on trips so growing up I always remember him carrying them in his pockets. This trip I knew he would have them on him so one day I said out of nowhere "dad can I have a mentos" and sure enough...he pulled this out of his pocket haha. 

More from day two next...