a good weekend

It is officially fall here in Japan people and what that means is a small window of time where the weather feels the closest to socal as it will ever feel and we all experience a few weeks of pure bliss until.....BAM. WINTER HITS and I am frozen 24/7. So October is a beautiful month and I have been taking advantage of it by spending more time out in the city with new and old friends! 

Got to visit my new friend Nami at Jaho coffee! Anyone and everyone in the Tokyo area...go here!! You will not be disappointed. 

This past weekend Steph (back to co-worker Steph...I know a lot of stephs) and I headed into Tokyo to meet up with a few of her friends from CA who were here on a prayer missions trip. Steph's friend Amy had a friend, Nathalie, who just moved to Tokyo with her family...so they all met up with us to hang out for the day. Nathalie has two adorable kids who came along with us and I was in auntie heaven! Being around kids, especially the same age as my nieces and nephews, is so therapeutic for me so you could imagine my excitement. We spent the day on the ultimate Tokyo tour...Dominique Ansel, Nakamegs, Jaho Coffee, Afuri, then ending at Loft in Shibuya! 

Typical Tokyo life...taxi trying to get through a crowd.

After a fun day in the city, Steph and I headed to Makuhari to attend the best party ever...

This is Shun, my coworker and good friend. He is half Japanese half Nepalese and is one of the most hilarious people I have ever met. His parents own a restaurant and they host a sari party every month and this month was extra special because it was Shun's 30th birthday!

We got to rent a sari (his mom helped us put it on), eat an amazing buffet of Nepalese curry + rice + bread, eat birthday cake, and dance the night away with all of his family and friends. It was crazy and SO much fun. 

Shun, his beautiful wife Noriko, and his mom! At work, Shun always talks about his wife and how they met when they were in college and he had long rockstar hair but his humor won her over. Steph and I have been dreaming to meeting her for some time now, so when we finally got to see her I felt like I was meeting a celebrity! Not only is she beautiful, but she is so kind! She made sure that after the party Shun drove us back to the station so we didn't have to walk. How did this guy get so lucky to find a girl like her? Also, how amazing and cute is his mom?! 


So that wraps up another rad weekend here in Japan. So thankful for all the new friends the Lord has brought into my life here. How cool is it that God created our hearts to always love and embrace more people? Thank you Lord!