I’ve been home exactly a month now and life is good. There are definitely pockets of time when I am living life so normal and I think to myself, wait…was Japan all a dream? did that really happen? and yet there are also very distinct moments when I remember…ohhhh yes. I have been gone for three years. Take for example when my nephew says to me, “oh Bonbon (what they call me), that’s not the rule here. Nana says we have to wear these shoes outside. But you don’t know the rule since you’ve been gone.” hahahaa kids these days.

Anyway, i’ve been loving being back in Socal and checking out some new places I haven’t seen before…the remodeled Del Amo mall, The Point in El Segundo and The Platform in Culver City. I realized that Torrance and LA are full of amazing ethnic food, incredible shops, trendy neighborhoods, and a diverse array of people. Truly blessed to call this my hometown!

But also… a month into being back I am starting to miss Japan. Specifically…CONBINI!!! I know that is ridiculous but I do miss 7-11 and Famima. I also miss takin the train and the bus. And of course, I miss my friends there…and my church family. But it also feels amazing to have my heart so full of two places…TORRANCE and KASHIWA…LA and TOKYO. double the hometowns. double the love.

Anyway, being home has been busy to say the least! So far I have been able to…
-Visit my besties in San Diego and go to San Diego Zoo
-Go to Disney California Adventure with my sister, her fam and the kiddos!
-Go to Disneyland with my college roomie and bestie Abbie and her family
-Fly to Washigton to see my sister from Uganda, Maddy, get married!
-Stay at my roomie Anna’s house outside of Seattle

-Visit my other roomie Megan at APU (our old stomping grounds)
-See my nephew plays basketball!
-Go to the Natural History Museum with my nieces and nephews

God is good, all the time.

and…the best is yet to come!!!