I thank the good Lord for Easter- the day we celebrate His resurrection and the freedom we receive from the cross! My heart is so grateful, even more so this year as I continue to live abroad and experience moments of deep closeness and dependence on God. The weight of all the words of Jesus, all He did on Earth in His ministry, all His love and sacrifice for all of us has been made even more real to me living here. Wow. 

For me, this winter season hasn't been the easiest. There were many days that felt gloomy, cold and dark. The strain of relationships, cultural differences, misunderstanding, loss, sickness, change, temptation, all left me in a type of winter season that my heart had never encountered before. But the good Lord is the one who changes the winter into spring and this I can say with confidence and assurance - God is SO GOOD and His promises are SO TRUE. There is so much joy to be found when we stick close to the Lord in our acts of obedience and devotion.

So the springtime feels so amazing not only just with regard to weather (although I am stoked to pack up my bulky sweaters and wear t-shirts again) but also with regard to the freshness and healing I feel in my heart. Praise the Lord!

Time for some Sakura photos to celebrate...starting with my backyard aka Teganuma! 

There's a beautiful line of sakura trees all along the walkway and even though it was pouring rain when I went out on this morning to take was still stunning!

A few days later I headed back to Teganuma when it wasn't raining and got some pics of the sakura falling...

I love all the old men that fish around the water. They just chill out there all day...such a simple life!

Sad to see the petals on the ground...but still beautiful! 

I loved this family chillin under this incredibly beautiful tree in their pink tent. perfect. 


Blessed to call this place my home and to experience the beauty of another sakura season!