So, it’s been about 5 months since I left Japan and moved back home to LA. Crazy! It feels like wayyyyyyy longer than 5 months and at times, it feels like I never left the states. Was Japan all a dream? But then, certain moments of nostalgia hit me and I am suddenly swept back to the tiny details of my life in Japan and every feeling comes right back. Weird how our memory works, right?

Anyway, after this time away, I have come to a conclusion of a few specific things that I absolutely miss from Japan.


Of course, there are amazing coffee shops stateside. But honestly, nothing can beat the charm of a Japanese “kisaten” - coffee shop. There is a certain aesthetic and magic to it, and if you’ve been to one, you know what I mean. Simple menu, tiny dishware, amazing coffee, dainty pastries, minimalistic decor, and an overall 10/10 coffee shop experience.


Ahhhh…putting on your favorite shoes, throwing all your stuff in your best handbag, taking the train into the city, blasting your favorite album through your headphones and walking around the streets you have slowly began to memorize…that is the charm of the city. So much of Tokyo captivated me. The culture to be experienced at Meijijingu and Asakusa, the high end lifestyles in Ginza and Omotesando, the insane crowds in Shinjuku and Shibuya, and the trendiest of trendies in Daikanyama and Aoyama… Tokyo will forever be my favorite city in the world.


This is a funny thing to miss, isn’t it? But almost more than anything else about my life in Japan, I miss taking the train. And the bus for that matter too! Why? Man, driving in the states in A PAIN!!! When I drive I constantly have to feel worried about every lane I merge into, every freeway I take, other cars on the road, and the enemy of us all - PARKINGGGGGG. UGHHHHH. I miss just walking freely to a train station and going anywhere I please without worrying about any of that…and on top of it all…BEING ABLE TO SLEEP!!!! Train culture in Japan 100% spoiled me because the trains are always on time, always clean and always safe. I am ruined for life.


This is easily the thing I miss most about Japan. “Konbini” … Convenience stores…specifically the 7-11 and Family Mart (famima) by my apartment in Kita-Kashiwa. I went to Famima almost every single morning and I went to 7-11 almost every single night. This is not as exaggeration haha. I went so frequently that I knew the workers at both stores…and the lady at famima even tried to set met up with a guy who also frequented the store. HAHHA. Konbinis have everything and anything you could want and I miss them so much.


NAIL ART//ネイルアート
OK…I know this seems like a ridiculous addition to this post BUT I AM SERIOUS! Dang. Japanese nail art is next level and YES…those are both my nails up there HAHAHA. For any and every girl going to Japan, I highly recommend you getting your nails done there. I will be expensive (anywhere from ($60-$100) but it will be unlike anything you could get elsewhere. I am not one to get my nails done a lot…but every once in a while I did it just for fun and I loved it. Especially those crazy ones on the left :) from the one and only MAIKO at NEURON NAILS in Omotesando!!!!

Well…of course there are many more things I miss about Japan (TOKYU HANDS, LOFT, DONKI, etc etc). But, there are also a lot of things I am glad to have now that I am back stateside…legit mexican food, target, trader joes, acai bowls…and most of all my friends and family te he he <3

Needless to say, my heart is in two places…and will always be.