One of the best parts of this trip to Hawaii was spending time with the kiddos. They really are growing so fast and learning so much every single day. I love seeing their personalities shine, how different they are, but how much they love spending time together. 

They were really into their water pens that turned plain paper into colorful paintings! And of course, they love their youtube videos!

This girl!! Eden has the most amazing spunky personality. My siblings all agree that she has the personality of a 5 year old, stuck in the body of a 10 month old!! HAHA! 

We had to make a stop at Waiola shaved ice!! It's one of the best on the island. 

The lams met up with us to indulge on this amazing treat. 

sweaty and so cute 

GLORRYYYYYY!!!! I got the icecream bowl with POG and lilikoi flavor with condensend milk and lihing on top!! best order ever. 

Can't go to Hawaii and not get the dried plum seeds. I grew up snacking on these amazing treats...definitely an acquired taste, but us Komaes love these! 

here's the house we stayed at. It was beautiful! 

the guys finally got poke one night for dinner and I finally got my kahlua pork sandwich!! yumz.



For mothers day sunday morning, my dad went back to cafe Moena and picked up a few giant pancakes! They tasted amazing and all of us gathered around the kitchen to have a big mothers day breakfast celebrating the lovely mamas in our lives. 

D and I had fun and made the kids Mickey pancakes! I should do this everytime...makes cooking much more fun!

After breakfast we all sat down and dad led us in a devo. Then we shared what we loved about mom. That was a really sweet time and I was so thankful to send mothers day with my mom (who is so amazing!) in Hawaii. Thank you Lord! 

We relaxed a little that afternoon and dad even went out to the back dock to throw his line out!

The whole fam came over to watch some bball and it felt like we were all back in CA together enjoying all the chaos of 15+ people under one roof. 

The lovely mamas of the family! Mom, Stac, Jen, Grandma Lam, and Auntie Julie! 

Big group shot...I love all the kiddos faces haha!! Also, I look terribly pale next to Kacie! 

So for our mothers day dinner we headed into Waikiki to eat at a famous Udon shop that had a line of at least 20 people in it! dang! 

Beef + egg...bomb!!

My bros doing the perfect noodle hunch

D and his magical uncle powers! Eden loves it. 

We got some bomb green tea ice cream and roamed the streets of Waikiki that night. We even went to...

...88 TEES!! AKA Where Avian from Terrance House works. It was funny being in the store since we've seen it on TV haha! 

We got back home that night and my mom sat down at the dinning room table to patiently help Hunter with his homework. I loved seeing that moment with her and Hunty because it really encapsulated the heart of my mom. She has always taken care of not only use 4 Komae kids, but also all our cousins, family friends...and now the next generation. What a blessing it has been to grow up under her love and care. Thanks for everything mom - I love you so much!

one last post coming up next...!